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Fixed fee asset management services

Before engaging in any refurbishment or building project it’s important you find a team who can offer:

  • Cost certainty
  • A service that doesn’t disrupt your daily routine
  • A comprehensive service encompassing all disciplines

Our experienced team of project managers, building surveyors and architects, bring a wealth of construction industry experience in the public sector, private sector and in all school categories.

Plus, with access to a supply chain of experienced private sector building services consultants, we can take on any project regardless of its size or complexity.

Asset Management


The 3BM Technical Contracts team and its specialist partners have extensive experience of managing and advising on Health and Safety Compliance and other related facilities matters across a broad range of estate portfolios with specific experience of educational estates. Regulatory compliance describes the goal to which all organisations aspire to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


3BM recognise that Education Business Managers are responsible for myriad tasks to oversee the operations of an extremely broad and diverse array of buildings, especially in the case of secondary and college campuses.

Educational facilities often consist of a multitude of different spaces, including classrooms, halls, gymnasiums, laboratory spaces, cafeterias and administrative offices. The facilities are typically made up of several mixed-use buildings of differing architectural styles and periods that have to serve a variety of purposes while still remaining compliant and offering a safe environment for all parties.

By procuring and managing, on behalf of schools, experienced and reliable contractors to carry out regular service inspections and remedial works, 3BM can provide Business Managers the peace of mind that they have a fully compliant site with up-to-date certification.

H&S Compliance Management

Project Services

In order to operate effectively, an educational manager has to recognise the specific needs and requirements of these different spaces.

These needs must also be tempered with the manager’s underlying goal of creating an environment that is conducive to a quality learning experience.

There is plentiful staff experience at 3BM in this field and we offer professional project management in all aspects of:

  • Electrical testing and inspection
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Water hygiene compliance
  • Gas installations certification/testing and inspection
  • Asbestos Management
  • Refrigerated gas – F Gas


3BM have a team of professional staff based in Hammersmith with extensive facilities management experience of educational facilities.

We know and understand that the number one priority is operational safety and we can guide you to regulatory compliance to create, safe and cost effective environments for you to operate.

3BM can also support you in managing the following activities:

  • Accident Reporting
  • Construction Design & Management (CDM)
  • Display Screen regs
  • Fire Safety inspection and testing
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity Planning

Catering for all your property related needs

3BM has extensive experience in building surveying and offers a comprehensive services to provide effective and cost efficient asset management and planned maintenance.

Our scalable range of building surveying services can be accessed individually or as a package, offering everything you need under one roof.

We offer the following:

  • Development of asset management plans and planned preventative maintenance programmes
  • Reactive asset management advice
  • Design, management and delivery of planned maintenance projects

3BM is experienced in undertaking Suitability Assessments which is a service we offer to assist an holistic approach to school improvement and asset management.

What are Suitability Assessments?

Suitability is defined as how well premises meet the needs of pupils, teachers and other users, and contribute towards raising standards of education.

Suitability assessments are concerned with numbers and characteristics of each type of internal space and external area. Assessments also deal with some aspects of health and safety requirements. In conjunction with sufficiency (net capacity) and condition assessments, suitability assessments will help in the targeting of resources where they can have the greatest effect in raising standards and maximising value for money.

The assessments will help in identifying any need for additional accommodation and for improvements to, or removal of, existing accommodation. Suitability assessment is applicable to all types of school: nursery, primary, middle, secondary, special, and pupil referral units. It covers the following aspects of teaching and non-teaching accommodation (including staff facilities):

  • number, size, shape and location of spaces;
  • environmental conditions;
  • fittings and fixed furniture;
  • information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure;
  • health and safety/security issues


The method of assessment aims to identify accommodation problems relating to aspects which have a significant impact on curriculum delivery and other school operations, thereby affecting educational attainment. Assessments are carried out for individual schools and are in two stages.

  • Stage 1 involves a room-by-room survey of those spaces where there are considered to be problems
  • Stage 2 involves completion of a Summary Assessment Form, using information from the Stage 1survey and from analysis of numbers and sizes of spaces


Suitability assessments will inform the development, updating and implementation of local plans, such as school organisation plans and school development plans.

More specifically, they will help identify the need for work to:

  • accommodate existing and projected pupil numbers;
  • implement targets for raising educational standards by improving
  • accommodation needed to support the delivery of the curriculum;
  • address functional problems with internal spaces and external areas,
  • including their size, shape, location, environment, fittings and fixed furniture;
  • provide facilities for those with disabilities or special educational needs;
  • remedy health and safety/security problems;
  • minimise inappropriate, high cost or under-used accommodation, both teaching and non-teaching


The prioritisation of accommodation needs identified by suitability assessments should reflect their relative importance and urgency in relation to raising educational standards and to securing safe and secure conditions for users of the premises.

Prioritisation should be undertaken by the local partners, taking into account local capital priorities. Suitability assessment will have a central role to play in option appraisal, helping to identify and evaluate potential benefits from proposed projects.

Examples of such benefits will include improvements in the quality of the accommodation for pupils and teachers, improved access for those with disabilities, safer and more secure facilities.


3BM has assisted in the production of Net Capacity Assessments over a number of years for Local Authorities.

An accurate net capacity assessment is an important tool in the appraisal of potential or need for creating additional school places. Without it, it is not possible to determine the optimum proportions of new-build, remodeling and/or subdivision of existing spaces, and re-designation of room usage to most cost effectively provide the additional capacity required to deliver a school organisation strategy. In addition, net capacity assessments need to be updated to reflect expansion proposals to ensure that a surplus place problem is not being designed into the strategy.

Also, many over-subscribed schools depend on accurate net capacity assessments to support admission decisions.


The methodology of updating net capacity calculations will depend on the availability of existing electronic floor plans. Where no electronic plans exist and new plans are to be created from scratch by means of a Full Measure approach, 3BM use iPads and laser measuring devices on site. The iPad software ensures that the building is a completed CAD plan before the technician leaves site, ensuring that all spaces are accurately positioned and fitted together. Where existing electronic plans are available, members of the 3BM team will visit every space to visually check for changes, and where necessary, dimensions will be taken to facilitate the CAD change. Critical dimensions will be taken in each block to check the overall accuracy. Where a new space is found it will be completed by the Full Measure process detailed above.

Net Capacity Assessments

The space usage data collected on site is verified with a senior member of the School Leadership Team before the team leave each site. As some spaces are ambiguous in their usage or the school may be using them for a different purpose than they were designed, it is necessary to complete this check to ensure the data is correct. These are then referenced against the appropriate Building Bulletins for mainstream schools and then further discussion will take place to reflect the schools particular approach to curriculum delivery and pupil welfare. To ensure effective development of learning institutions, the important concept is that, physical space guidance is a useful benchmark but what will ultimately drive the design and re-modelling are the needs of the pupils and the curriculum, with appropriate consideration of guidance.

3BM recognise that many Special Schools are under pressure to increase capacity and take more pupils. Alternatively, a School Organisation Strategy may promote a mainstream and special school amalgamation.

The Department for Education (DfE) document, ‘Assessing the Net Capacity of Schools’ specifically states that it is not to be used for Special Schools and there is no equivalent document that applies. Consequently, a less formulaic approach needs to be adopted for Special Schools, with greater emphasis on the specific needs of the pupils and the bespoke nature of curriculum delivery, and therefore accommodation requirements, to address those needs, within the context of Building Bulletin 102.


The 3BM Building Surveying Team and its partners have completed the numerous Property Condition Surveys across a broad range of estate portfolios with specific experience of educational estates for Local Authorities. There is plentiful staff experience in this field which covers all aspects of construction, engineering services and specialisms such as asbestos and legionella.

Team Experience

Members of the 3BM team have been responsible for carrying out many of the major condition surveys of buildings in recent years, using national survey methodologies of various school types from Nursery, Primary, and Special needs, Secondary, Sixth form Colleges and Academies.

Building ages reflect the development of education and the team has direct experience of Heritage sites, Grade II listed buildings and more modern structures.

The team is currently engaged on a survey of all the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham educational portfolio using an EFA condition rating of A-D covering an initial five year period but can be easily adapted to allow for 10 year programmes.

Surveys of the estate includes small assets residential accommodation, stores, sheds, play areas etc. forming part of the overall school asset.

Survey Methodologies

Usually survey methodologies require collecting information on all external and communal assets and internally on a room-by-room basis. Data is used to assist school management to make informed decisions on short and long term planned maintenance programmes as part of overall business planning.

Reports on the findings of the surveys, together with photographs and data are normally provided as part of an MS Access database with user-friendly front end. An important feature is to provide the client with easy export data for use in the formulation of programmes and contracts.

Property Condition Surveying

Our survey methodologies can easily be expanded to include health and safety and statutory compliance.

All members of the team are issued with a copy of the company’s “Health & Safety Policy” document as part of their initial welcoming pack when they first join the company. We ensure that the team is aware of all aspects of the project together with any known conditions/risks that exist.

These are made clear to the team together with a risk assessment of the potential dangers and circumstances that may be incurred, e.g. working in areas near children, asbestos awareness, working at heights etc.

3BM recognise our obligation to ensure the safety of all employees under the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974. We take every possible measure to ensure the safety of our employees working on site and who may need to work alone.

Review Operations

As part of our developing quality management system, we ensure that the following review operations are regularly undertaken between audits:

  • A programme of internal quality audits designed to ensure appropriate understanding, compliance, and effectiveness of authorised procedures, and to initiate corrective action where necessary.
  • A management review, by the directors, of the audit and project quality records, to agree and initiate any amendments to the quality management system so as to ensure its continued effective operation.

Condition surveys lend themselves well to quality assurance procedures and experience has shown that quality assurance techniques drive up quality standards and avoid costly redesign of work stages.

Enabling Projects

Lena Gardens School Roof Works
3BM Direct Academy feasibility commission to agree work and procurement strategy for roofing programme.

LBHF Victorian School Window Replacement Programme
Value £15m 3BM Commissioned to develop strategy and business case for total replacement of timber windows across 15 site as part of EFA major funding bid.

Lyric Theatre Project Coordination
Value £15.2m 3BM commissioned to undertake project liaison between multiple 3rd parties on complex new build refurbishment project.

Greenside Kitchen Planning Matters
3BM coordinating retrospective planning issues following the installation of kitchen extract ventilation by others.

Ecole Marie d’Orliac / Holy Cross Clancarty Road Major Refurbishment
Value £1.8m Scope and feasibility for major refurbishment.

Fulham Primary Canopy Development
3BM coordinating design and planning issues for a new canopy across the street frontage.

Fulham Boys Free School
3BM leading on design feasibility for school expansion provision.

St Edwards RC School
3BM been tasked to amend school drawings following a direct school project.

Hammersmith Condition Surveys
3BM commissioned to undertake Condition Surveys of education portfolio and develop Asset Management Strategy for council.

LBHF Asbestos Coordination
Value £750k 3BM commissioned to develop and undertake rolling programme of asbestos survey, removal and reinstatement works across school portfolio.

Sullivan Primary Development
Value £150k 3BM commissioned to act as client agent to ensure delivery of summer programme.


Planned Maintenance

Queensmill Relocation Move
3BM commissioned to coordinate relocation and temporary building relocation of occupied SEN school.

Woodlane New Build Extension
Value £600k 3BM acting as Client Agent and Construction managers for new build scheme on occupied SEN school site.

Addison School Window Works & Associated works
3BM commission direct by school to develop school window replacement programme.

Normand Croft School Roof Works Ph1
3BM commissioned for major re-roof programme.

Miles Coverdale Water Tank Replacement
Value £50k New project yet to be formally instructed by school, 3BM to agree work and procurement strategy.

Jack Tizard Lift and Associated Works
Value £450k 3BM commissioned direct by school to design and develop lift installation project for SWEN school.

Jack Tizard Summer PMP Works Summer 2014
3BM commissioned to deliver 3 small packages of work for Curtain Walling and flooring.

Bayonne Nursery Small Works and Fencing
3BM commissioned to deliver several small packages of work, fencing and play surfaces.

Flora Small Works Soft Play & Water Tank
3BM commissioned to deliver several small packages of work.

“The team at 3BM has provided invaluable support on our capital projects. They have a good range of knowledge and offer practical and open guidance on a broad range of projects”.

Laurie Grist, Head of Project Delivery, ARK