Asset Management

  • Surveying

  • Facilities

  • Compliance

  • Case Studies

  • Planned Maintenance Projects
  • General Surveying & Site Inspections
  • Specification Writing
  • Tender Management
  • Mechanical & Electrical Specialists
  • Condition Surveys
  • Energy Saving Measures & Salix Funding

Asset Management

  • Asset Management
  • Asbestos Management
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance, Design & Management
  • Lightning Protection, Risk Assessments and Annual Inspections
  • Reactive Maintenance and Repairs, Design & Management
  • Contractor Selection advice
  • Out of Hours support
  • CAFM;
    • Design
    • Development
    • Management

H&S Compliance Management

  • Compliance Audit
    • Audit Report
    • Remedial Recommendations
    • Risk Prioritisation
    • Budget estimates
  • Fire Safety Reviews
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Door works
    • Asset Collection
    • 6 monthly (minimum) Competent Inspections
    • Compartmentation Surveys

Enabling Projects

Lena Gardens School Roof Works
3BM Direct Academy feasibility commission to agree work and procurement strategy for roofing programme.

LBHF Victorian School Window Replacement Programme
Value £15m 3BM Commissioned to develop strategy and business case for total replacement of timber windows across 15 site as part of EFA major funding bid.

Lyric Theatre Project Coordination
Value £15.2m 3BM commissioned to undertake project liaison between multiple 3rd parties on complex new build refurbishment project.

Greenside Kitchen Planning Matters
3BM coordinating retrospective planning issues following the installation of kitchen extract ventilation by others.

Ecole Marie d’Orliac / Holy Cross Clancarty Road Major Refurbishment
Value £1.8m Scope and feasibility for major refurbishment.

Fulham Primary Canopy Development
3BM coordinating design and planning issues for a new canopy across the street frontage.

Fulham Boys Free School
3BM leading on design feasibility for school expansion provision.

St Edwards RC School
3BM been tasked to amend school drawings following a direct school project.

Hammersmith Condition Surveys
3BM commissioned to undertake Condition Surveys of education portfolio and develop Asset Management Strategy for council.

LBHF Asbestos Coordination
Value £750k 3BM commissioned to develop and undertake rolling programme of asbestos survey, removal and reinstatement works across school portfolio.

Sullivan Primary Development
Value £150k 3BM commissioned to act as client agent to ensure delivery of summer programme.


Planned Maintenance

Queensmill Relocation Move
3BM commissioned to coordinate relocation and temporary building relocation of occupied SEN school.

Woodlane New Build Extension
Value £600k 3BM acting as Client Agent and Construction managers for new build scheme on occupied SEN school site.

Addison School Window Works & Associated works
3BM commission direct by school to develop school window replacement programme.

Normand Croft School Roof Works Ph1
3BM commissioned for major re-roof programme.

Miles Coverdale Water Tank Replacement
Value £50k New project yet to be formally instructed by school, 3BM to agree work and procurement strategy.

Jack Tizard Lift and Associated Works
Value £450k 3BM commissioned direct by school to design and develop lift installation project for SWEN school.

Jack Tizard Summer PMP Works Summer 2014
3BM commissioned to deliver 3 small packages of work for Curtain Walling and flooring.

Bayonne Nursery Small Works and Fencing
3BM commissioned to deliver several small packages of work, fencing and play surfaces.

Flora Small Works Soft Play & Water Tank
3BM commissioned to deliver several small packages of work.

“The team at 3BM has provided invaluable support on our capital projects. They have a good range of knowledge and offer practical and open guidance on a broad range of projects”.

Laurie Grist, Head of Project Delivery, ARK