• Client Engagement

  • Gateway Reviews

  • Stakeholder Engagement


The most important part of any project is ensure that the design and delivery of the scheme is communicated effectively with the client and their stakeholders. We at 3BM pride ourselves in a proven engagement method which takes the client through the development of their scheme step by step allowing 3BM to interpret their vision and create a solution that enables the client to buy in to the final outcome.

Design Team Meetings

Regular organised meetings with other consultants ensure the design is reviewed as a whole and that other disciplines elements are considered as part of any evolving design to ensure that a co-ordinated approach provides quality in the final design.

Stage Reports

The use of stage reports at key RIBA stages allows the design team to report back to the client their understanding of the brief and explain items that will bring quality to the scheme. The reports are also an opportunity to give confidence to both the design team and most importantly the client. These reports are presented at regular intervals in order to present issues of programme and cost.

Client Engagement

Scheme Presentation

We would propose to deliver a scheme presentation to all stakeholders. This would be at RIBA Stages. The presentation is a client and end user specific presentation. Hopefully it will introduce the end users to “their” scheme and give them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our vision for the future.


Gateway Reviews

3BM have a number of processes, which allow us to provide quality control of projects and thus preserve the integrity of our projects. 3BM undertake gateway review analysis that is undertaken on a regular basis throughout the life of a project.

The key components to this are:

  • Bi monthly ‘Project Audit gateway review’ Undertaken by an independent reviewer
  • Written Report produced, representing the status by observation and clarifying action points to be undertaken.
  • Key Standard Assessment Criteria.

Gateway Design Reviews

Internal design reviews allow 3BM to assess the project at each RIBA Stage to ensure it is meeting the clients brief. The process also includes members from outside the regular day-to-day team who can raise issues that the project team may have missed or not considered. This peer review serves to ensure maximum quality from projects.

Gateway Project Reviews

Similar to design reviews, these reviews again occur at each RIBA stage but are more focused on the project as a whole. Checklists ensure that projects maintain quality.

Gateway Reviews

Gateway CAD Reviews

Computer aided design plays a key part in 3BM’s work and therefore we apply office standards across all of our projects. This means that project delivery is consistent internally and ultimately this benefits the quality, delivery and integrity of the project. In additional to Gateway reviews our communication of design is fundamental for the clients engagement at each design stage.

Stakeholder Engagement

The experience of the 3BM team in delivering educational projects over the years has given us an extensive understanding of the key issues related to providing efficient Learning Spaces.

Through this experience of engagement with both the stakeholders and the local authority 3BM have built a proven engagement process to develop innovative, sensitive and demanding design solutions to fit the needs of the school and its stakeholders.

Who are the Stakeholders

  • Student Council
  • Pupils
  • Staff
  • Governors
  • Parents
  • Community
  • Other organisations (PCT, Voluntary Community Groups etc.)

In order to deliver this process efficiently, 3BM have a transparent engagement process with regular client workshops and briefings, with the students taking a key role.

  1. Pupils are asked to evaluate what they learn in specific spaces.
  2. Pupils analyse spaces and comment on their learning experience.
  3. Pupils are asked what they like / dislike about existing spaces and exemplar spaces in an open and visual forum.

3BM are fully aware of the importance of this project to the school. In order to minimise the risk to the client, 3BM will use our long term relationships with local planning officers to undertake informal and formal pre application advice as early as possible, to understand the local planning constraints in relation to the project. This is especially important in engagement with English heritage in respect to the impact of the design proposals on the historic Grade II* listed buildings on the school site, in order to design out unforeseen planning issues.

Stakeholder Engagement

An essential element of the design process is to Work with Stakeholders to create correct solutions and 3BM will undertake a series of stakeholder workshops with both the students and key teachers. This allows the schools vision to be brought to the forefront of the design. 3BM pride themselves in this process as this gives the school and its students a real sense of ownership within the final design.

3BM’s goal is to become the clients design champion, and have a detailed understanding of your needs in order to deliver a fit for purpose facility.

Engagement Ethos

3BM have assembled a team of professionals who are specialists in the delivery of strategic and implementation advice to all phases of design and delivery, but critically, have significant experience of the developing strategy for the delivery of large scale school expansion renovation and refurbishment programmes.